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This show is approximately 1.5 hours, no intermission. Babes in arms & children under 4 are not permitted in the theatre.

The day before Dawna’s 25th wedding anniversary party she looks up to see a sky-writing message just for her. The clouds are obscuring a few letters but clearly the message is telling her to steal her husband’s plumbing van and deliver her newest hair design to her inspiration and idol the American hip-hop artist Missy Elliott. Pursued by Lulu, Dawna’s obsessive anniversary planner, and assailed by a host of weird and message-carrying hitchhikers including a Mermaid, Clown Parents, Ms Excess Baggage, and a Eggo Manic, Dawna barely keeps ahead of the life revelation the universe is dishing out.

Playing on our Scotiabank Stage.

Theatre FYI

Babes in Arms and children under four (4) years of age are not permitted in the theatre. Children must be able to occupy their own seats, due to fire regulations.
Photography or recording of any kind is strictly forbidden in the theatre.
Please turn off all cellular devices during the show and do not text during the show, as it is distracting to other patrons and the actors on stage.
There is no food, coffee, or tea permitted inside the theatre.  Alcohol purchased at our lobby bars is permitted inside the theatre.
Please check the time and date of your tickets when purchasing - tickets are non-refundable and missed performances cannot be exchanged.
Online ticket sales will end approximately 1 hour before showtime.