Performances with Audio Description currently on sale:

Audio Description was originally designed to provide access for audience members who are blind or partially sighted, but is now regularly used by people who are neurodiverse and/or have sensory sensitivities. We look forward to making this a regular part of our programming, and invite all patrons to come, be themselves and experience live theatre!

To indicate that you require an Audio Device, input Promo Code: AUDIO and select your seat with the price type starting "Audio Device Required -".  [We have a limited number of devices available, so please use the correct price to ensure there is a device available for you during the show.]
Note: if you require an aide ticket, the AUDIO promo code will allow you to book 1 aide seat. 
If you require any further accomodations, please contact the box office at 902-429-7070 or
What to Expect
  • Patrons will be emailed the week leading up to the show. This email will include directions on getting to the theatre from Barrington Street, and any extra information when possible.
  • Staff members will be outside the theatre to greet patrons, answer questions, and assist in any way possible.
  • Patrons can collect the necessary equipment for the performance at the box office. This includes an earpiece and a small receiver, which are cleaned before and after each use.
  • Whenever possible, the theatre will host a touch tour either before or directly after the show.
  • Before the show starts, patrons will be welcomed into the theatre for an audio introduction which will be delivered through their earpiece and receiver.
  • There are extra staff members on site to offer additional support when needed.